Are you a Brokebackaholic? Take this quiz

Here's a questionnaire for anyone who has seen Brokeback Mountain and become obsessed by the film.

1. Have you seen the film six times or more?

2. Have you watched trailers on the Internet in English and French dozens of times?

3. Have you bought two copies of the sound track (the second in case the first wears out)?

4. Do you listen to the CD non-stop even though you're not a fan of country and western music?

5. Do you have a photograph of Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal on the wall of your room?

6. Have you bought cans of beans for the first time in years after seeing Ennis and Jake cook them over a campfire?

7. Have you purchased scented candles that remind you of mountains and storms and coffee and sage?

8. Have you ordered the official Brokeback Mountain mug?

9. Have you canceled a vacation trip to Europe for one in the West?

10. Do you spend a lot of time surfing the Internet for photos and stories about the film and its stars?


Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack : A love that will never grow old